When America Blesses God

By Francis Frangipane

I do not believe the Sept. 11th terrorist attack was a venting of the wrath of God, as some say. God is both good and just. Abraham had a theologically perfect revelation of the Almighty when He prayed, "Wilt Thou indeed sweep away the righteous with the wicked . . . Far be it from Thee to do such a thing" (Gen 18). Repeatedly, the Bible affirms the character of God: in times of divine wrath, the Lord separates the righteous from the wicked (Gen 9; Gen 19; 1Thess 5; etc.). Why should the "Judge of all the earth" kill innocent people for the crimes of pornographers, drug dealers and abortionists? This is not the mind of God, but the perverse psychology of the terrorist.

Beloved, as we said in our previous mailing and as we will continue proclaiming until our dying breath: God is good. It is the devil who is bad, who has come to "steal, kill and destroy." For those who think this is God's wrath against Babylon, let us also consider the promise of God that He would bless (prosper) those who blessed Israel. No nation on earth, ever, since the beginning of time, has stood with and blessed Israel as the U.S. has. Especially in recent years, God has prospered America. Additionally, Americans are the most generous of nations. Even while we are preparing to war against Afghanistan, among all nations it is Americans who supply the most food and medical supplies to their people. The Lord promised prosperity to those who remember the poor. Thus, I do not in any way think this was divine wrath against Babylon, but a satanic attack.

So, if this was not God's wrath, did God allow it? As I sought the Lord, the Holy Spirit led me to review America as it was in the late 1930's. During this time, much of the world was engaged in a violent and terrible war. Yet America, in spite of our strength and resources, was not involved. Instead of engaging in efforts to not stop the carnage, our primary efforts were spent trying to preserve our neutrality. By 1940 hundreds of thousands of people had already died. Axis powers had mercilessly overrun nation after nation as they pursued their goal of world domination. This was an extremely serious time on earth. Indeed, if our enemies had won WWII, they would have undoubtedly persecuted and smothered the spread of true Christianity. Additionally, the Nazis would have sought complete annihilation of the Jews.

In spite of all that was wrong with America at the beginning of WWII, God used this nation to help keep the lamp of freedom burning; He did so, not for our sakes, but for the sake of spreading the gospel. Since the end of the Second World War, vast millions have come into the Kingdom of God, yet that would not have happened had the Axis powers won the war.

Today, we have another enemy: militant Islam. It, too, seeks world domination. We in the West know little about this religion. While moderate Muslims denounce the use of terrorism, vast millions of "extremists" follow the "conversion by conquest" example of Islam's greatest leaders. These extremists consider themselves to be Islam's "true believers" and have called for a holy war against infidel nations. This conquer-and-convert means of spreading Islam has brought death and slavery to many in African nations; it has released terrorism in numerous countries; and has brought untold suffering to innocent millions around the world "- and it is spreading rapidly. Yet, we in America have done precious little to restrain this enemy.

The strike against the U.S. at Pearl Harbor broke the spell of neutrality and awoke fierce and courageous resolve in the USA. Likewise, the terrorist acts of September 11th have jarred us awake to the demonically manipulated world of Islamic fundamentalism. God has allowed us to drink the cup of this vile terrorism to unite us with those who, in other countries, have suffered under its hellish oppression. Indeed, the Lord has not only awakened us, He has united us like never before, and He is now empowering us to war against it on two fronts: militarily and spiritually through prayer. His goal is to use the U.S. and its allies to stop Islam's quest for world domination.

Many have pointed out the cultural relevance of the date, September 11 or "911." What does it mean? Simply that this war is an emergency. Christians everywhere are gathering in prayer. Pastors, please initiate prayer chains for 24 hour intercession or set weekly or daily prayer meetings. Beloved, let us quickly turn to the Lord in intercessory prayer. The war against us is very serious. The aircraft used on Sept 11th were only one means of terrorism. Experts say that it is possible that there are nuclear "suitcase" bombs already in the country. These bombs could be detonated from the trunk of a car, killing hundreds of thousands in a crowded metropolitan area. We must be guarded against biological and chemical warfare as well. Yet, there is no way any government could prevent such attacks with 100% accuracy. However, we know God can!

We, therefore, must pray! It is time to war for the destiny of God for the nations. Stand in prayer for America, for Israel and for the Islamic peoples everywhere. Our war is not against flesh and blood, but against the spirits ruling and oppressing millions. Remember: it was after WWII that America made its national motto "In God We Trust." Our nation truly learned to trust God during the danger of war. God can do this again.

When will our war be over? I love that many are saying today, "God bless America." It is on signs, billboards and marquees throughout the land. It is a valid prayer. Yet, sin persists in our land. Thus, we will know we are close to victory when the Holy Spirit has transformed our culture "- when with repentant, yet thankful hearts, we fully turn to the Almighty. Yes, when America blesses God our war will be truly won.