The Muslim World Shall Hear the Gospel, Part 1

By Francis Frangipane

Hardly a day passes when I do not receive via email, newsletter or postal carrier a warning concerning Islam. The most common fear has to do with the apparent homogenization of religions in America. We know our President is a sincere Christian, but why are Muslims having dinner with him at the White House? Christians are concerned that the glorious atonement of Jesus Christ will be compromised and a false unity arise, one that sacrifices truth on the altar of tolerance.

I, too, grieved as I watched network television and heard mullahs praying to Allah at memorials. I was especially offended that, while America was still reeling from the atrocities committed by radical Muslims, so called moderate Muslims manipulated our conciliatory invitations, and then brazenly "witnessed" for Mohammed in public meetings. I knew that behind the eyes of "sympathetic" Muslim clerics was a vision of an Islamic America.

While there are, indeed, many honorable people who are Muslims, we have discovered one summary truth about Islam: within its precepts a spirit of terror abides. It not only seeks to terrorize the non-Muslim world and bring it into submission to Allah, it holds the souls of Muslims in the grip of terror as well. Consider: Of the thirty or so wars that are currently being waged worldwide, twenty-eight involve Muslims. In most Muslim nations, conversion from Islam is a crime punishable by torture and death. Thus, terror keeps the Muslim soul closed and unable to objectively examine the true nature of Islam. This spirit of terror holds even moderate Islamic governments hostage, where leaders fear the violent reprisals of radical fundamentalists.

Consider also that, for the sincere Muslim, there exists no sacrifice, no atonement for sins; no one in Islam can rely upon a Savior's righteousness to obtain peace with God. Islam offers only one way of assured acceptance into the afterlife, and that is to die fighting in a Jihad (holy war). This demonic doctrine of using deception and fear to create suicide warriors is a most insidious manipulation of the human soul! What an offense to the true character of God, Who does not ask us to sacrifice our sons, but instead gave His Son for our peace!

War Against Terror
I greatly appreciated that, in the face of terrorist threats (and pressured appeals from Muslim rulers) President Bush boldly committed our nation to war against terrorism. The extremists had been using fear and violence as their chief weapons, and they had been advancing literally unstopped throughout the world. Yet, my applause is not merely because the non-Muslim world will be safer, but because I perceive that God desires to confront this spirit of terror in order to release grace to the Muslim world. He is seeking to rescue the generations of Ishmael from the terror of Islam.

I fully agree that America and the West is in great need of repentance. However, September 11 was not merely about God judging America for its sins. The Most High was seeking to awaken America (and our allies) to break the control terrorism has in Islam and thus use this war to open the Muslim world to the gospel. You may question my reasoning, but a simple review of the last 60 years will give insight into the Lord's will for the U.S.

Let's return to the world of 1937: International tensions had erupted into a number of undeclared wars and conflicts; multitudes were overwhelmed with inconsolable human carnage and suffering. The Japanese, deluded that they were a superior race, attacked China, slaughtering 200,000 Chinese in Nanking alone in December. As the war in the Far East progressed, in 1939, Hitler, also deluded with illusions of racial superiority, released its "blitzkrieg" war against Poland. Over one million Poles died in the first two years; tens of thousands of Polish Jews were forced to dig their own graves before being murdered. At the same time, the Soviets attacked eastern Poland, then Finland and the Balkans. The Nazis turned their attention toward their southwestern frontier, overwhelming Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg and France. Denmark and Norway soon surrendered on the northern front.

We have been outraged and traumatized by the sudden death of several thousand on September 11, but by mid 1941 several million people had suffered horrible deaths as a result of war! In Europe, only the United Kingdom was able to stand under the relentless pounding of the German Luftwaffa, yet over 60,000 people died from the bombing in London alone. Through all this human suffering -- in spite of the great worldwide heartache that filled heaven with tears -- America remained neutral.

Then, on December 7, 1941, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. America's anger exploded into resolve. A destiny was born in the USA on that day. America went to war against tyranny and worldwide injustice. Yet, we did not seek to conquer, but to liberate -- to set nations free. After WWII God opened the world for the harvest like no other time in history. Literally millions came to Christ.

However, America's job was not done. Two superpowers remained: the U.S. and the Soviet Union. The Soviets, like the Nazis and Japanese Imperialists before them, were bent on world domination. In opposition were the freedom loving people of democratic societies with America as the leading nation. The Soviets were atheists; the Americans were primarily Christians. Throughout the long and terrible drama of the Cold War, no one really thought that God actually loved the Russian peoples and desired to liberate them from tyranny. Christian writers, prophets and theologians wrote volumes about the end of the world, each predicting with finality that godless Russia would descend upon Israel. Yet, it didn't happen. Instead, God used the USA to resist this totalitarian empire and, after decades of struggle, overnight it crumbled. Today, tens of millions of souls have come into the kingdom of God from these former Soviet nations.

Let me also remind you, beloved, that there was nothing overtly spiritual about America in 1941, and no revival was going on in the U.S. when Russia fell. America simply was a very imperfect, somewhat Christian nation. Just as the Lord needed the U.S. to stand against Japan and Germany, so God needed America to open the USSR for harvest. Now He needs this nation to lead again against the demonic nightmare of a world ruled by Islam.

Season of Harvest

Remember, Jesus said, "This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world for a witness to all the nations, and then the end shall come" (Matt 24:14). Jesus said the gospel must be preached in the whole world, "AND THEN the end shall come." The proclamation of the gospel precedes the time of judgment. We are in the season of the harvest.

Beloved, consider also that it was on December 25, 1991, that Gorbachev resigned as leader of the Soviet Union. The next day the Russian government took over the offices of the USSR. Don't miss this: The very day we celebrate Jesus' birth is the day communism officially died! We don't follow signs, but this one stands right in the middle of the road to the future. Since the fall of the USSR, more people have come to Christ than the sum of all those converted since the first century!

Just as Nazism, Japanese Imperialism and Soviet communism were totalitarian governments bent on world domination, so is Islam. Before the Soviets fell, what they called "glasnost" began softening their society. Glasnost meant "openness." This is what God used America to provide: openness. And this is what He seeks to create again among Islamic people. He desires that Muslims too would be able to think honestly and freely for themselves.

Next week we will discuss praying for those trapped in Islam as well as a testimony that occurred while I was in the Philippines. For now, let us be humble, yet confident concerning the days in which we find ourselves. We are called to be a house of prayer for all nations. Let us intercede, therefore, that the spirit of terrorism in Islam will be crushed and that the gospel will be preached openly and powerfully throughout the Muslim world.