A World Without America

By Francis Frangipane

Recently, a number of respected church leaders, frustrated with America's slow turn to repentance, have proclaimed that divine wrath is coming to our land. "If God does not destroy America," one influential pastor wrote, "He will have to repent to Sodom and Gomorrah."

Certainly, there are many things morally wrong with America, but America is not Sodom or Gomorrah. Neither is it a re-emergence of the spirit of ancient Babylon. You will not find charged against this land the "blood of prophets and of saints and of all who have been slain on the earth" (Rev 18:24). The spiritual influence of these archetypes is here, just as they are also manifested throughout the world, but America is much more than the sum of its sins and failures.

America does not answer to any singular prophetic profile. It is not the Promised Land, but it is a land of promise. For those who predict the decline and fall of this nation, I'm sorry to disappoint you: America has only just begun to rise. Indeed, as we enter the 21st century, I believe we will find this nation, imperfect as it is, increasing its global influence.

It is easy to call for, predict, and then anticipate the manifestation of divine wrath. It plays perfectly into our fears. Once you adjust your perception to expect doom, religious zeal supplies all sorts of apocalyptic visions of the end. The problem is, visions born of fear are not synonymous with visions born of God.

For more than thirty years I have heard scores of "doom and destruction" predictions that were going to be fulfilled by a certain date. We were supposed to all die in nuclear war in 1979; we were to be raptured in 1988 (then 1989, when '88 did not come to pass); then the Gulf War would turn into Armageddon; and, of course in 1998, fifty years after Israel's birth, the Lord was sure to return.

Shall I go on? I cannot remember one prophecy that has been even remotely fulfilled. The fact is, instead of destroying the world, the Lord has raised up what may be the most expansive prayer movement in generations (if not in all of time). He has been reconciling and uniting His church (for the first time in its history), revival is beginning in a number of places, and converts by the hundreds of millions (that is not a misprint) have come to Christ worldwide during this same period! People thought the world was going to disintegrate; instead, we have entered the greatest season of harvest in the history of the church!

Why did those predictions of wrath fall to the ground unfulfilled? Maybe there are many reasons, but the plain, obvious truth is that God is more patient and merciful than we previously imagined. In fact, I believe that, at least in the next few years, the Lord has something else planned for America other than destruction.

Judging Prophecy

The Lord spoke about discerning the origin of prophetic words in the book of Deuteronomy. He said,

"And you may say in your heart, 'How shall we know the word which the Lord has not spoken?'
"When a prophet speaks in the name of the Lord, if the thing does not come about or come true, that is the thing which the Lord has not spoken. The prophet has spoken it presumptuously; you shall not be afraid of him." -Deut 18:21-22
God's Word plainly says, "If the thing does not come about . . . the Lord has not spoken."

We have all make mistakes. Sometimes we are moved by fears to make presumptuous predictions. A person is not a false prophet because he makes a mistake. The Lord does not condemn me and neither am I condemning anyone. But we need to admit when we are wrong and examine why our predictions fell to the ground.

In the New Testament Paul instructs the church, "Let two or three prophets speak, and let the others pass judgment. But if a revelation is made to another who is seated, let the first keep silent" (1 Cor 14:29-30).

So, we've heard the potential for divine wrath, but now it is time to balance the message of judgment with vision and mercy. It is time for some who have been seated to share their revelation. You be the judge.

Before we continue, however, let me clarify two things. One, if you are trapped in habitual sin, you should fear. There is only one antidote to this fear and that is to repent and get right with God. The second clarification is this: Until the transformation of our mortal bodies, the Lord's corrective judgments will be with us always. Those whom He loves He reproves and disciplines. It is good that God judges what is wrong in us. May He never stop judging the sin in me or in the church or in America. There will always be consequences for our actions.

But let me assure you, there is a difference between God's corrective judgments and the manifestation of His wrath. Corrective judgment is guided by His mercy. Wrath is the venting of His anger. It is not in the Lord's heart to destroy this nation; humble and then heal, yes, but not destroy.

My passion is to inspire the church to see America the way a loving parent views an unbroken teenager, which is how I believe God sees this land. He is not ready to destroy us. In truth, He is patiently working His will. He will fulfill what He has begun with this land. Let us not become impatient as we wait for His fulfillment. The very least the Lord wants to do with America is use it to keep the world open for harvest. For that reason alone we must stand in continued intercession for our country. Yet, if we possess no clear vision for the United States, may the Lord reveal His passion for mercy even when we are convinced He is warning of wrath.

If the Nazis Had Won WWII
To help give us perspective on Christ's view of America, let's imagine what civilization would be like today without the United States. Let's step back in time and consider where the world would be if the leading Axis powers, Germany and Japan, had defeated the Allies in WWII.

To make this "alternate reality" credible, let's weave into our imaginary world some facts about America as it was in the 1930s. Prior to WWII, much of America was in serious moral decline. The moral restraints of the Victorian Era had evaporated in the heat of the "Roaring Twenties." A tremendous upswing of organized crime brought gang violence, extortion and corruption, which infiltrated huge segments of society and government. Racial injustice toward blacks was rampant, and prejudice against the more recent immigrants, the Irish, Italians, Asians and Jews was a way of life.

Then, in 1933, the singular redeeming virtue of the times, Prohibition, was repealed. It passed by a national vote of almost 75%. Literally overnight, America went from outlawing alcoholic beverages to drunken celebrations in the streets.

These were the facts concerning America in the '20s and '30s. America suffered the consequences of its sins as the Great Depression lingered and worsened, but God had no intention of destroying this land. The Lord knew that all hell was marshaling forces in Germany and Japan; America, sinful as it was, was vital to the defense of God's plan.

But imagine if frustrated church leaders in the '30s had begun to ask God to judge the U.S. for its sins. And suppose He actually did what these short-sighted leaders asked: He allowed the Great Depression to crumble into anarchy and civil war, which, as a result, fractured the U.S. into three regional sub-countries: the North, South and West.

So, in our imaginary world, the year is 1939. Because God has answered the prayer of angry Christians, America does not exist. Then World War II explodes. By 1942, the tidal wave of German military power has advanced and conquered all its surrounding nations. In 1943, England falls. Almost at the same time, Africa too bows beneath the shadow of the Swastika.

Then, as 1945 begins, the Nazis secretly test their first atomic bombs; two months later, they unleash them upon sixteen Russian cities. Twenty-five million people die in the atomic blast and, with them, mankind's hope of resisting the Third Reich is also destroyed.

In the Far East, meanwhile, no nation was strong enough to match the fierce, unrelenting might of the Japanese. The Imperial Army crushed and pillaged both China and Korea. It rolled southwestward and overwhelmed India and Pakistan, making surrogate armies of their vast multitudes. They then fulfilled their blood lust upon southeast Asia and Australia.

By 1946, the empire of the Rising Sun had ascended over Asia to the Hawaiian Islands; Japan's western boundaries extended to Pakistan and central Russia. The Third Reich ruled everywhere else. Throughout the world, a grid of satanic control had locked in place, securing the spiritual realms over the earth in impenetrable darkness.

The Consequences
It is not hard to imagine the above scenario or something like it if, in the '30s, the balance of power in the world was void of the United States. Obviously, thankfully, in spite of its sins, God did not destroy America. Instead, He healed our nation and actually made it stronger!

But let's carry our journey into today's time frame. Yes, we do have problems in our world, but what would civilization be like if the concept of a Free World had died during World War II?

The United States is reunited, but it is ruled by Nazi Germany and policed by German SS troops and Gestapo. In this world without American influence, democracy is not to be found anywhere on earth. The world we live in is a totalitarian society: it is void of freedom.

Mein Kampf, Hitler's life story, is taught and applied in every level of academia; his racist ideologies are enforced and framed in America's new Constitution. Adolf Hitler has not just replaced George Washington as our founding father, he has pronounced himself "savior of the world." Even our calendars have been reset. The first year of the New Order of the Third Reich coincides with Hitler's birth year. American children enter schools singing hymns to the Fuhrer; each child is without deformity, for children with birth defects do not live beyond their first week.

Americans have been trained to believe that this new world, having been cleansed of Jews, Gypsies and other so-called "undesirables," has evolved into a purer form of humanity. German-controlled "social engineering" has assigned values to races; except for the Japanese, all non-whites are classified as "servant races."

All liberty is gone. There exists no freedom of press or right of protest. There is no balance of power in government, no political parties, no open debate and no forums of ideas. There is a state church, but freedom of religion is no longer a civil right. There exists no open, vibrant evangelical Christian community.

Pentecostalism is considered a mental disorder and those who practice spiritual gifts are institutionalized. Though there might, indeed, be a true, underground church, attendance is at the risk of one's life. There are no evangelical books, no contemporary Christian music, no spiritual media resources. The last five popes are German-born and "Billy Graham" is a fairly common but insignificant name.

Certainly, one of the worst consequences would exist in the Middle East: There would be no Israel. In fact, except for those few surviving Jews hiding in the remote recesses of the earth, a world without America would be a world without Jews.

Yet, beyond all this, the most tragic reality is that, since WWII, the expansion of evangelical Christianity has virtually ceased. Instead of the nearly half billion souls that, worldwide, have entered the kingdom of God since 1946, the apostasy has reached its full zenith.

The fact is, in spite of what is wrong and sinful in America, without its role as the leader of the free world, there would be no harvest today. Indeed, there would be great and incurable heartache on earth and much less joy in heaven in a world without America.