Incubating Christians

By Francis Frangipane

I wouldn't call it something as lofty as a vision - it was just a thought with a "video file" attached. In it, I saw Christians sitting in ordered rows, like eggs in incubators, only they were in their churches. They sat and listened, but the pastor's words were barely heard or understood. They had life inside, but they were trapped within religious shells. It wasn't necessarily that their ministers lacked anything in their messages; their sermons were historically and factually true. Yet, for the most part the shell surrounding each Christian seemed impenetrable.

Yet, there were exceptions. Every once in a while, the shell of one of the "eggs" would crack under the pressure of inner hunger; someone would fight through the shell. When one broke free, others nearby followed his example and began to break through their religious shells as well. When a majority had hatched, their church was no longer just an endless incubator, but it became the body of Christ Himself and the people in this group transformed the world around them.

What did it mean to break through the shell? It meant an individual understood that God's plan for their lives was not incubation, but transformation. The church was a place where God empowered people to become Christlike.

Today, heaven is again calling each of us to break free of the shell of "religion" and embrace the liberty and power of a Christlike life. Indeed, we have been created to become like Jesus. There is no lasting spiritual fulfillment apart from walking "from glory to glory" toward this one great purpose!

If you too share the hope of attaining Christlikeness, let me invite you to register for our online school, In Christ's Image Training. We have appropriate plans, whether you join as an individual, as married couples or as a small group. In fact, church leadership teams have taken the training and then brought their whole congregation into the course.

As you study In Christ's Image Training, you'll understand God's purpose for you is Christlikeness; you'll perceive why Jesus said the humble are the greatest in God's kingdom. The Holy Spirit will teach you the power of prayer and impart to you the burden of love. And, by God's grace, you'll possess Christ's unoffendable heart as you unite with other Christians.

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