True Revival

By Francis Frangipane

People often ask me, "When true revival comes, what will it look like?" To me, a revival is not legitimized merely by the increasing numbers of signs and wonders. Moses, Elijah and Elisha all had great signs accompanying their lives, but signs do not equate to revival. Israel was often awed by manifestations, yet supernatural wonders never brought the nation to repentance.

What about powerful and exciting church services? Personally, I do not believe church services every night, even if they last until midnight, are themselves a sign of revival. Increased services and manifestations may accompany revival, but they are not, in themselves, evidence of revival.

What, then, should revival look like? On an individual, person-by-person level, a true revival looks like people being empowered to become like Jesus.

I do not mean that they have merely become emotional or happy or animated about Jesus - as important as these things are. I am saying they actually received power to become like Him. Deep in their spirit an awakening occurs and they see Christ not only as the payment for their sins, but as the pattern for their lives.

This is what happened at Pentecost. Fearful, prideful disciples were transformed into humble, powerful replicas of Jesus. They spoke the Word of God with boldness - just like Jesus. They healed people, just like Jesus; and they were willing to suffer for Christ, just as He willingly suffered for them.

Today, we do not have the fire of the Holy Ghost, we have Casper, the friendly ghost. With Casper, everyone goes to heaven. Casper cuddles, but never convicts. He never calls people into conformity with Christ.

You see, true revival is a hot lava-flow of courage being poured into the backbone of a once defeated people. It is radiant faces, purified souls and holy lips. It is people becoming like Jesus.