The Christ Pattern

By Francis Frangipane

The seeking heart habitually looks to God. Was not this the inner working of Christ's heart? Yes, consider the perfections of Christ. Though He was the embodiment of God in Heaven, He laid aside His privileges of equality with God. Instead, He "emptied Himself" taking the appearance of a man, and as such patterned for us the way of a perfect man with God (Phil 2:6-8). What we see in Christ is, in truth, not merely the perfection of one’s talent or leadership abilities; in Christ we see the perfection of a surrendered heart. His life is the maturation of spiritual dependency. Christ’s incomparable righteousness, His stunning virtue and unparalleled strength of character all had to be appropriated from God the Father.

Within the Trinity, Christ demonstrates how God, manifest as a Son, submits to God manifest as the Father. In so doing, Jesus also reveals how man, patterned after the image of God the Son, draws spiritual strength and substance in seeking the Father as his life source.

It staggers me that the Son of God said of Himself, "Why do you call Me good? No one is good except God alone" (Mark 10:18). Of course Jesus was good! He was perfect. He who gazed upon Christ, feasted upon God. Yet, even here, Jesus models the pattern we must follow if we would find true spiritual fulfillment.

Christian, let us grasp this one great truth: attaining righteousness is the result of seeking God. Jesus had no plan of action other than to mirror the things He saw His Father doing. Everything we see Jesus accomplish on earth was, in fact, the result of His times of seeking God. We see the boldness of Christ and assume He moved in great faith and authority - and He most certainly did. Jesus was bold, but He was never self-willed. His faith came from seeing and hearing the Father. Whether by intuition or by physical sight or by hearing God's voice, Jesus had an inner "radar" that kept Him continually tracking and following the Father's heart.

Jesus did nothing on His own initiative (John 5:30; 8:28). The pattern He set for us is not one of a man wielding unlimited power, but a man pure in heart, seeking God as both a Son and servant. In so doing, He perfectly demonstrates that, when we ask for power or virtue from God, we are, in fact, asking to be nearer still to God the Father. The pure in heart see God; the work of power is, in truth, an act of obedience to what God revealed beforehand.

Lord, walking close to You is my plan. Hearing Your voice is my strategy. Knowing Your heart is my confidence. Master, I pray the prayer patterned by Your Son: not my will but Thine be done!

Adapted from Francis Frangipane's book, "The Days of His Presence" available at


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