Out of Heartache, Harvest

By Francis Frangipane

Haiti Update and Praise Report
A couple weeks ago we drew our attention to the Haitian Christians. We talked about how, in the days after the Port-au-Prince earthquake, in looking for human interest stories, media reporters actually filmed these Haitians praying and worshiping God. There the Haitians were, singing hymns of praise to God. One clip I saw showed hundreds of Christians in absolute defiance of the surroundings, singing and marching in a field. With uplifted hands, and faces that beamed their trust in God, these Christians demonstrated the power of faith. As best as I could tell, they were mostly unaware of the cameras. Yet, the secular news media had become a virtual stage upon which God showcased the faith of His people. It was powerful.

Like Job who, in spite of his sudden and catastrophic loses, bowed low before God in worship (see Job 1:20), so our Haitian brethren showed the world a similar depth of character. Certainly, their collective heartache and loss were as deep as any in Haiti, yet the anchor of their soul, unmistakably, was Jesus Christ.

We must also add Chile to our prayers and giving. So many there are suffering, and we must pray. Yet, I'm concerned, lest our prayer focus be drained away from Haiti. Will you join me in praying daily for both Haiti and Chile?

Let us continue to give, but also be wise. Let's support Christian aid groups who, even as they minister to the needy, also testify of Jesus Christ. The Bible says to "ask for rain in the time of rain." In other words, we must know the season of divine activity and pray accordingly. Right now, the mercies of God are kindled toward Haiti. Revival and healing are occurring in this island nation. Indeed, even the news media are reporting of conversions:

"Since the earthquake, the country has been spiritually transformed. People from a whole variety of religious backgrounds, including voodoo, one of Haiti's two official religions, are pledging to devote themselves anew to Christianity." (read more)

On February 12, the president of Haiti called for three days of fasting and prayer. Hundreds of thousands gathered to seek God, repent and pray, and reportedly, thousands came to Christ. Among them over 100 converted who had been voodoo priests.

All this is just a beginning, but something genuine is awakening spiritually in Haiti. Let us join in prayer and stay faithful before God. The Lord has set His heart to bless the people of Haiti and restore them to Himself. Even in this time of great heartache, there is coming forth a great harvest.


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