The Earth Is Full of God's Glory

By Francis Frangipane
(En EspaƱol)

There are many legitimate reasons to seek God, and the Lord graciously receives them all. Yet it is only because we do not truly know Him that our motivation is primarily crisis-driven. Let us, therefore, boldly bring our needs to Him, but let us also lift our eyes higher and behold the One who helps us. For if we will truly seek the Lord's glory, we will discover, in hindsight, that all our needs are met as well.

It is not enough to know God exists. If we will live in the awareness of the heavenly, we must be freed from the boundaries of the earthly. To awaken faith, the Holy Spirit will take us through times when the presence of God cannot be clearly discerned. The Lord's goal during these times is to bring to maturity our spiritual senses.

Therefore do not accept that God has permanently hidden Himself from you, though during trials it may seem so. He is teaching us to see in the dark and to hear in the silence. He is making Himself known to our inner man so that, regardless of outer circumstances, we can continually be led by His Spirit.

To see God, beloved, it is imperative that our vision become spiritual and not just sensory. To hear God, we must learn to tune out the clamor of our fears and earthly desires. The outcome of this inner spiritual working is an increasing perception that nothing is impossible for God. The time of darkness, though it comes as an enemy, actually compels us to seek God more earnestly; we learn to revere God's light even more. Never mistake temporary darkness for permanent blindness, for today's training is the very process that opens us to see God's glory. Ultimately, we will see and discover the truth of what Isaiah wrote, that "the whole earth is full of [God's] glory" (Isa. 6:3).

Adapted from Francis Frangipane's book, And I Will Be Found By You available at