Reveal the Fullness of Christ!

By Francis Frangipane

One Purpose: Reveal the Fullness of Christ!
The virtue of any institution is not so much in its doctrines or organization; rather its virtue resides in the quality of person it produces.

A New And Fresh Anointing
Some of you have been struggling, not knowing what God has for you. You have been through a season in which the Lord has revealed your need of Him in very dramatic ways. Jesus Himself has been near to you; however, His closeness was not merely in the way of external blessings, but in the way of His cross. Yet, you have delighted in this, for the way of the cross has increasingly become the way of your life.

God's Heart For The Lost

By Francis Frangipane

God's Heart For The Lost
Now that the elections are over, we are compelled to return to what should be our first purpose: fulfilling the Great Commission. Indeed, as we draw closer to the Lord's return, His passions shall increasingly become our passions and to rescue the unsaved world is the epicenter of His heart.

To understand the Lord's desire for the unsaved, we simply have to review Peter's discourse in Acts, chapter two. Remember, the disciples had been with Jesus for forty days after His resurrection. The words, which Peter took from Joel, conceivably might also have been spoken by Jesus Himself during this last intimate time with His disciples before the ascension.

The House Is The Gate Of Heaven

By Francis Frangipane

"In the last days, the mountain of the house of the Lord will be established as the chief of the mountains, and will be raised above the hills; and all the nations will stream to it" (Isa. 2:2).

Today, in the very context of our lives and times, the first stages of this Scripture are being fulfilled. Throughout the body of Christ, leaders and intercessors are uniting in unprecedented ways. Indeed, the house of the Lord is being established.

How significant is this? In the history of the church there has never been a time when Christians from so many backgrounds came together as we do today. Our pattern has always been to divide and then criticize those with whom we once associated. Yet, today this trend is being reversed! God is establishing His house.

Some would argue that this unity is a prelude to the "one world church" of the Antichrist. Others contend the emergence of the house of the Lord won't occur until Christ comes. Isaiah plainly says God's house will be rebuilt "in the last days." This refers to our present dispensation. Since the book of Acts, the church has been in the period known as "the last days."