Two Sets Of Books

By Francis Frangipane

It was not a dream. It was simply a thought in the middle of the night, but it came into my mind with such clarity that it roused me from my sleep. It said, "He keeps two sets of books: one is exact and the other forgiving."

I barely had time to wonder who it was that kept these mysterious two accounts when the parable of the wise, but wasteful, steward surfaced in my mind. The story, which comes from Luke, chapter 16, tells of a manager who was soon to be dismissed for squandering his employer's wealth.

"What shall I do," the steward pondered, "since my master is taking the stewardship away from me? (vs 3).

Guarded by His Word

By Francis Frangipane

Safe in the Word

The primary means through which we are kept and preserved by God is through obedience to His word. In the submission of our will to God, our soul finds protection from evil. Consider the apostle John's words to the young men of the first century church. He said, "I have written to you, young men, because you are strong, and the word of God abides in you, and you have overcome the evil one" (1 John 2:14).

Abiding in the Word of God brought spiritual strength to the young men in John's day, enabling them to overcome the evil one. Is this not the reason many of us are defeated by the devil we do not abide in the Word? Christ's teaching guides us into the Presence of the Father; it is the Father's Presence that both empowers and protects us. Jesus said,