Let the Fainthearted Go

By Francis Frangipane

A Word To Leaders:
I am concerned about the leaders who have not dealt with their personal fears. I have a word for you: stop terrorizing the people under your influence. A number of ministries have submitted to the oppression caused by the terrorist attacks. As a result, they are speaking to their constituencies from a position of fear and trepidation. Leaders, please hear me: The people who are listening to you are already praying, fasting and repenting. Don't burden them with fear; empower them with vision and faith.

Fear is not the only motive that will stir people to repentance. Yes, it moves the soul, but it is only temporary; fear cannot sustain righteousness nor create true purity of heart. Grace may teach our hearts to fear, but grace our fears relieve. The fact is, people are already afraid. It is time for faith to arise, where we put our trust in God's goodness and power.