True Revival: Conformity to Christ

By Francis Frangipane

We have three foundational standards in our home church, River of Life Ministries. One is to be a house of prayer. That means our hearts are positioned to stand in the gap in prayer between the judgement and the mercy of God. Our earnest goal is to manifest the intercession of Christ Himself, where redemption brings an end to sin rather than God using His wrath.

Another of our goals is to attain Christ's meekness. This forever will be a goal because the moment we assume we've attained it, we've actually lost it. Yet, possessing the humility of Christ remains an ever living passion in our spirits. Without humility, we can't see with clarity what we lack in spiritual substance. Humility enables us to grow in all the other virtues and gifts we see manifest in Jesus.

However, the very center of our vision at River of Life is to attain the character and power of Jesus Christ. Humility helps us see what we lack; prayer helps us appropriate God's provision for that need. Yet, the pinpoint goal is the full revelation of God's Son manifest within a many membered body.