USA, Israel and Jerusalem

by Francis Frangipane

I was sitting in the Cleveland airport when an angry businessman, about 14 feet from me, suddenly said, "I hate going through security. They searched everything. I even had to take off my shoes. It’s all because of the Arabs." He continued speaking, but his language and solution to terrorist problems are not fit to print.

We continued talking and, when our flight was called, we walked together toward the plane. Switching from terrorism, he now had very harsh words about the Pope. As we boarded, I suggested we sit together and continue the conversation. However, the seating configuration didn’t permit an easy switch, so instead of talking with him, I prayed. As I did, I felt like the Lord showed me this man’s heart. He wasn’t just angry, he was deeply wounded. His profanity and outrage were his means of dealing with injustice.

Beware of the Spirit of Strife

By Francis Frangipane

One does not have to do an exhaustive search to become aware of the spirit of strife that is rampant in our world. Whether we look at the strife between Iraq and the U.S. or look at the conflicts between Israel and the Arab world, our world is churning with strife. Consider the ranting of North Korea or the unrest in South America, Columbia, Bolivia, Argentina and Venezuela. Not since WW2 has Europe been more deeply divided: Germany, France, Belgium and Russia on one side and England, Spain, Italy and the Balkans on the other. Pakistan and India are ready to duel to the nuclear death. There are terror uprisings, civil wars and rebellion in the Philippines, Chechen, North and Central Africa, and many other places. Our world is just as Jesus forewarned, "nation [has risen] against nation, and kingdom against kingdom" (Matt. 24:7).

Yet we need not be familiar with world events to be personally affected with this invasion of strife. The church itself has had so much conflict that many now identify the ability to create division as a courageous and honorable virtue. Even the home is not safe, as we see divorce rates in the Western World have skyrocketed over the past 40 years. And who is unfamiliar with the phenomenal breakdown of families?