The Father's Family of Nations

By Francis Frangipane

People who study prophetic signs have repeatedly warned us the "end of the world" is at hand.   Indeed, we are inundated with books, movies and sermons, each proclaiming in their own way the end is near.  While I agree that we are certainly in the season of great, end-time prophetic fulfillment, can we press "pause" for a moment on some of our darker apocalyptic expectations?  The Spirit of God is doing something worldwide, and we should unite our hearts in faith and prayer for the Lord's amazing purpose.  The Holy Spirit is being poured out upon the nations.

Nations Shall Come To Our Light

By Francis Frangipane

Many thanks for the hundreds of encouraging responses to our message about America and Israel. Each of you who wrote greatly encouraged me. I would urge you, even as you pray for many other nations, and Iraq in particular, that you continue to pray for God’s best for the USA and Israel. Although the proposal (or road map) for a Palestinian State isn’t even to take effect until 2005, and the US government is not approaching Israel with a mandate, but with suggestions, let us pray for wisdom and humility for all. I believe the Lord will provide an answer that will secure Israel’s borders and homeland, while also providing for the Palestinian peoples. Remember, with God, all things are possible.

As I predicted, a small handful of zealous Christians have taken what I wrote about Israel and the US and, sadly, completely misunderstood it. In their fears, they sent a very skewed analysis of my message to their constituencies, sowing a lot of unnecessary division. You know that I never mention the names of people who slander or twist what I say, but if you are confused by the remarks of Mr. A.B., please understand that, in his legitimate zeal for Israel, he has misunderstood both my words and intentions. Before the Lord I have forgiven him, and I urge those of you who have read his words to forgive him as well. The last thing we want is a division among those of us who love Israel and are praying for her destiny.