When God Responds To Israel's Repentance

By Francis Frangipane

For the most part, I've been silent and simply prayerful concerning Israel, the "Road Map" and the future.  Now, however, as terrorism and reprisals again escalate, let me offer some thoughts.

First, both the Old Testament and New Testament reveal that God's purposes are irrevocably intertwined with the return and restoration of Israel (Ezek. 37-39; Rev 7).  For those who believe the church has replaced Israel, the Bible tells us that the Jews are God's covenant people, and that as long as the sun, moon and stars exist, the Lord's covenant with Israel shall stand (Jer. 31:35-36).  Of course, through Jesus Christ, Christians receive a better covenant with better promises, but God has not broken His covenant with Israel.  Nothing will thwart the promises of God, as centuries of persecution, Hitler's ovens and, in time, Muslim terrorists will all testify before God in eternity.  Be assured, Israel's full restoration will come to pass in its time.

The Stone Which the Builders Rejected

By Francis Frangipane

The goal of God in this new anointing is to return the church to the simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ.  The correct foundation is not just what Jesus did in redemption, but what He commands as Lord. Once the foundation is properly laid within us, the house of the Lord can be built.

Becoming Wise Master Builders
Paul said, "as a wise master builder I laid a foundation" (I Cor 3:10).  The eternal foundation of the church is the Lord Jesus Christ; we rest and build upon Him. It is wisdom to build the Lord's house with only Jesus in mind, for He must be the central figure of every effort; He must abide as the living source of all our virtue.

Yet, there is a tendency to unconsciously avoid the teachings of Christ in favor of some other emphasis from the Scriptures.  We make our favorite teaching the cornerstone of our church rather than the life and power of Christ Himself.  Inevitably, we find ourselves attempting to make disciples in our image instead of His.