The Bronze Bow

By Francis Frangipane

A number of years ago, during a time of spiritual weariness and uphill battle, the Holy Spirit gave me a unique anointing to wage warfare.  This special endowment of grace came through a dream, which began with me lying down in a house, resting.  Suddenly, members of our church entered the home and told me that our enemies were returning and I was needed to engage this demonic horde in battle.  I remember lamenting, "Why am I always picked to do battle?"  Tired and weary, I stepped outside.  On top of a distant ridge, sitting on horses, I could see rows of enemy warriors.  Someone near handed me a bow and arrows, but my aim wavered and, due to the distance, my arrows all fell short.  The depression upon me deepened as I could hear the mockery of the enemy warriors, scorning my attempt to hurt them.