From Little Children to Sons

By Francis Frangipane

It is time to stand and pray again.  Another hurricane, Jeanne, is heading toward Florida, which means it may also strike the Bahamas en route. Haiti was devastated by this same hurricane, suffering the loss of over a thousand people with many more still missing.  Now Jeanne has looped back toward Florida with increasing intensity.  And Ivan, which apparently had broken up, has now reemerged as a tropical storm causing flooding in Louisiana and Texas. Meanwhile,  off the West African coast, other hurricanes are developing.

Some of these storms are simply natural weather phenomena.  Yet, I am convinced there is a demonic influence as well.  As one who formerly was a ruling archangel before his fall, Satan obviously has power to manipulate weather patterns.  Paul refers to Satan as the "prince of the power of the air" (Eph 2:2).  And in his attack on Job, he caused "a great wind" to come "across the wilderness" and kill Job's children (Job 1:19). We have biblical evidence that the devil can stir up a storm or at least direct it and destructively use it against God's people.

Amazing Arab Editorial

Dear Friends,

Recently, we published a message called "The War Mode." In our teaching, we voiced our support for President George W. Bush and his leadership in the war against terrorism. In spite of the raging and distortion of the President's critics, a growing number of people are finally realizing America and its allies are not occupiers, but liberators. We are fighting a just war.

Here is a most amazing and courageous article written by Ahmed Al-Jarallah, the editor-in-chief of the Arab Times in Kuwait. I personally found this article very inspiring.

May God bless and protect Mr. Al-Jarallah for fearlessly speaking the truth.