From Little Children to Sons

By Francis Frangipane

It is time to stand and pray again.  Another hurricane, Jeanne, is heading toward Florida, which means it may also strike the Bahamas en route. Haiti was devastated by this same hurricane, suffering the loss of over a thousand people with many more still missing.  Now Jeanne has looped back toward Florida with increasing intensity.  And Ivan, which apparently had broken up, has now reemerged as a tropical storm causing flooding in Louisiana and Texas. Meanwhile,  off the West African coast, other hurricanes are developing.

Some of these storms are simply natural weather phenomena.  Yet, I am convinced there is a demonic influence as well.  As one who formerly was a ruling archangel before his fall, Satan obviously has power to manipulate weather patterns.  Paul refers to Satan as the "prince of the power of the air" (Eph 2:2).  And in his attack on Job, he caused "a great wind" to come "across the wilderness" and kill Job's children (Job 1:19). We have biblical evidence that the devil can stir up a storm or at least direct it and destructively use it against God's people.

At the same time, for those who are indwelt by Christ, nothing happens that God does not redeem and use. Thus, all Christians, not only those attending our In Christ's Image Training school, should consider this season as "test time."  The Holy Spirit is requiring God's sons and daughters to stand in Christlike prayer, maturity and authority for Florida, the surrounding states and the Caribbean islands.  God is using these challenges to perfect the faith of His elect.

Remember: at all times and in all conflicts, God's will for the elect is always conformity to Christ.   Even as Satan is serious about destroying people's lives, so God is serious about creating mature, Christlike sons and daughters - individuals who are unintimidated by life's storms - who stand in worship, faith and spiritual authority and overcome them.  I believe this maturing of the church, especially in Florida and the surrounding area, is at the core of what God is doing in the midst of this particular battle.  What we learn during this time will be essential in overcoming the greater conflicts that are drawing near. 

War On Many Fronts
Hurricanes are not our only tests.  The election campaigns in the USA and elsewhere represent a deep clash of cultures.  On the right hand are millions of American Christians standing against the sins of abortion, immorality and homosexuality; in opposition are millions of mostly non-Christians who are pro-abortion, who defend gay marriage and who mock Christian morality.  Short of physical violence, culturally, this conflict in America could not be more intense.

Yet, this is not all we face.  There is the looming possibility of a terror attack in the USA.  A recent article states, and I quote:

Senior officials said they "absolutely believe" someone will attempt a terror attack inside the United States within the next four to six weeks. One official described this time "as a very, very serious period."

"I have not seen people in our intelligence communities this nervous since 9/11," one official said, referring to the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the United States that killed almost 3,000 people.

Officials said they believe they "disrupted" at least one major plot by some recent arrests, but fear they may not have "derailed" this plot and possibly two others.

"We will need some luck and the grace of God to prevent this one," one official said, explaining that again they have no specifics as to the exact time and place or clear method. [end quote].,2933,133281,00.html

Other reports warn that Islamic terrorists are seeking a level of destruction that exceeds 9/11.  The war in Iraq, whether you believe we should or shouldn't be there, still must be won.  Iraq has become a terrorist magnet.  If we lose Iraq, terrorism will spread out and overtake the world.

The Evil Day
Storms, culture wars, and the threat of terrorism have positioned us with enemies on our right hand and left.  The Bible calls this season "the evil day."  It is time to "take up the full armor of God" and, "having done everything, to stand firm" (Eph 6:13).

Do not fear: our weapons are "divinely powerful" (2 Cor 10:3-4).  Indeed, the Almighty has put His living and powerful word in our mouths, the actual "sword of the [Holy] Spirit" (Eph 6:17).  We have been granted the most powerful reality in the universe: the Spirit-empowered, living word of God. 

It is significant that, synchronized with the timing of these battles, is a forty day season of fasting, prayer and national repentance (  Hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of Christians are engaged in seeking God.

Thus, let us pray with confidence and with mountain moving faith. Let us heed the command of our King who saw these days before there was one of them. Seeing the darkness of our world, He has a command for His overcoming church: "Arise, shine; for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD has risen upon you" (see Isaiah 60:1-3). 

Let me repeat the word the Holy Spirit gave us in January about this year:  The constrictions experienced at the end of this age are not death throes, but birth pangs; they are not part of what restricts us, but releases us.

We have been spiritual babies too long.  It is time for little children to become sons

Amazing Arab Editorial

Dear Friends,

Recently, we published a message called "The War Mode." In our teaching, we voiced our support for President George W. Bush and his leadership in the war against terrorism. In spite of the raging and distortion of the President's critics, a growing number of people are finally realizing America and its allies are not occupiers, but liberators. We are fighting a just war.

Here is a most amazing and courageous article written by Ahmed Al-Jarallah, the editor-in-chief of the Arab Times in Kuwait. I personally found this article very inspiring.

May God bless and protect Mr. Al-Jarallah for fearlessly speaking the truth.

Francis Frangipane

Man of History
By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

WE are with President Bush who has said, "I am the man who makes history." Who, other than President Bush, can launch a war against terrorism? Who else will come to the rescue of people suppressed by dictators? Who else was there to build and develop nations? and above all who made democracy the new international system for all the people in this world?

None of the Middle Eastern countries could face terrorism alone. Some of them went to the extent of making compromises and allying with terrorist organisations. These countries were afraid to kick out terrorists until the United States arrived on the scene, heading a coalition of the willing to root out terrorism. Some people may be sceptical about what the US has achieved. But we know it has not only liberated Afghanistan from Taleban and its ally Osama Bin Laden but also created a modern democratic country with its own police, army and other civil institutions. The United States has also liberated the Iraqi people and created a modern country from the ruins of the former regime. There are some people who still call the war to liberate Iraq as "baseless," citing the failure of Americans to find any weapons of mass destruction (WMD). What they forget is the Americans did find many mass graves where millions had been buried alive. This alone is enough to prove Saddam's regime was more lethal than any WMD man has known.

Quite recently the US forces have cleansed the holy places in Najaf of the remnants of the former regime and other infiltrators. When we consider all these there is no doubt Bush is a man who creates history. Western countries, which were against Bush in his war on terrorism, are now feeling the painful stings of terrorism. France has two of its citizens kidnapped in Iraq. The kidnappers have threatened to behead the French hostages if France fails to reconsider its law, which bans Muslim women from wearing hijab in schools. Terrorism can be tackled only through war and only the United States, backed by a President who creates history, is capable of handling such a war. We must remember Islam has nothing to do with terrorism. Terrorists exploit the religion to achieve their objective, which is to destroy civilisation, kill people, start wars and plunge the world into darkness. We saw how these terrorists kidnapped and killed innocent people under the cloak of religion only to forget all about their cause in exchange for a fistful of dollars.

The entire world is aware of the cause and effect of terrorism. The killing and beheading of some innocent people won't prevent the United States or its allies from confronting terrorism. Americans are convinced of the need to fight this menace and no country is better equipped to do this job except the United States, which has the mightiest armed forces history has ever known. President Bush has the right to say "I am the man who makes history" because he is fighting aggression against modern civilisation. He is creating countries which enjoy democracy, peace, stability and security. These countries are now able to be a part of the international community sharing their traditions and culture with the rest of the humanity. Bush is the President of not only the United States but the whole world for he is making history on this small planet.