For the Sake of the Children

Dear Friends,

Although you don't hear much about the Asian tsunami in the news anymore, the reality is that there are still millions of children that are living with its aftermath each day. To many of them, it means never seeing their parents again. To others, there is the ongoing vulnerability of being kidnapped and sold as sex slaves.

Below is a report sent out by K.P. Yohannan, founder and president of Gospel for Asia.  Please take the time and allow the Lord to speak to you.   There are other links to ministries also reaching to help in this region at the conclusion of this email.

Anguish in the Heart of God

By Francis Frangipane

While the tragedy of the Asian tsunami has drawn our hearts to its widespread death and apocalyptic devastation, there has been another tragedy repeatedly striking this same region for decades.  Yet this ongoing disaster has been almost completely ignored.  What is the horror of which I write?  This part of the world is infamous because of the trafficking of slavery, especially women and children. 

The Polaris Project explains: 'trafficking in persons, also known as human trafficking, is the modern practice of slavery. It is the third largest criminal industry in the world today, after arms and drug dealing, and is the fastest growing."