Walking in Eternal Life

By Francis Frangipane

God's end time people will "end time."  What I mean is that, as we near the end of the age, we will increasingly learn how to walk in eternal life, abiding above the boundaries, constraints and the pressures of the realm of time.   We"ll see what's coming and either avoid it or announce it, but we won't be limited by it.

Jesus taught that those who come to Him "have everlasting life" (Jn 3:16).  Right now, we have eternal life in our spirits.  Yet, how do we access the timeless place of God's presence?  This is a serious question, for we have become more 'time conscious" than "God conscious."  Schedules, meetings, appointments and deadlines all fuel our anxieties and compel us to live horizontally, instead of vertically in the Presence of God.