Jealous With God's Jealousy

By Francis Frangipane

"You Tolerate"
I had an hour before boarding my plane at Reagan International. Since I was looking to replace my aging laptop computer, I decided to buy a computer magazine to help educate myself before making a decision. As I entered the newsstand, I asked the clerk, a scarfed Muslim woman, for help and she quietly led me to the computer magazine section. However, en route to our destination we had to walk past a prominently displayed rack of "men's" magazines, all with flagrantly indecent covers.

I felt genuinely embarrassed for two reasons. First, I am a man of God. I seek to live in the fullness of the Holy Spirit, yet my best response was merely to turn away from the offending rack. Second, I was aggravated that, for all the authority Christ has given the church, a public newsstand still can boldly feature this degrading blight. In full view of our children, of teens, as well as adult men and women, the spirit of Jezebel stands at our crossroads unchecked as she seeks to captivate the naive.