The Christ-Pattern

By Francis Frangipane

We have often taught that the ultimate test of any church is if, over the months and years, the likeness of Christ is being replicated in the people.  Such is the goal of God, and such must be the goal of the church.

Yet, how exactly is a congregation transformed? What stimulates a church to move from merely being outwardly religious to actually becoming inwardly Christlike? In many cases, the exodus from religion to Christlikeness begins as the vision of becoming Christlike grips the heart of a pastor. 

Let me explain. In our competitive world, a pastor must excel in many areas.  He or she must be a good speaker, rightly educated, and also be sensitive to the needs of the lost.  He must be a person of vision, yet realistically practical.  He will often be required to sacrifice time spent with the family for time given to people in the church.  And, he must not complain about working conditions or modest pay.