A Heart Without Guile

By Francis Frangipane

The promised land for a Christian is a life lived in the fullness of God.  Just as there was an exodus of the Jews from Egypt, so there is an exodus for our human souls, where we leave our bondage to self-deception and truly enter the reality of a Christlike life.  In our exodus, as in Israel’s, self-deception must be exposed and sin must die in the wilderness. Only then are we truly qualified to possess our inheritance.  During this process, we will wrestle with God.  In truth, only those whom God transforms can possess what God has promised.

Every follower of Christ needs to conquer self-deception.  Self-deception protects all our other sins from repentance.  Indeed, how can we "ascend into the hill of the Lord" if we have "lifted up [our] soul to falsehood" or "sworn deceitfully" (Ps. 24:3-4)?