As We Enter the Fullness of Time

By Francis Frangipane

I love the Word of God. I have a burning passion that my words, whether written or spoken, might be filled with the river of life that flows from God’s throne (Rev. 22:1). I love studying the Word, comparing translations, researching commentaries and then preparing teachings for others from what the Lord shown me.

However, several years ago, as I was preparing a message for Sunday morning, the Lord gently admonished me. I had spent far too much time with details. My preparation was becoming increasingly cerebral until, suddenly, the Lord interrupted my study. He said, "I have called you, not only to prepare sermons, but to prepare people."

There is a difference between preparing a message about God and preparing a people for God. Obviously, sermon preparation is very important, but it is not an end in itself. The goal is to equip and train people to represent Christ.