His Righteous Right Hand

By Francis Frangipane

Dream, 12/21/08:
I was in an airport waiting for a delayed flight when a group of men invited me to join their card game. Although in real life I would be uncomfortable playing cards for money, in the dream I not only joined them, but I was soon winning most of the hands. In fact, I had hundreds of dollars accumulated in just a few minutes. In response, the other players began to scheme against me. Yet in spite of this, I repeatedly came out on top. Even when I lost a few hands, I would then win big the next round so that I covered my occasional losses.

A fellow who knew I was a man of God saw me and chided me for gambling. I understood his concern, but the game had a prophetic dimension to it, and it seemed right that I should be playing. The fact was, no matter what cards I was dealt or how the other players conspired against me, I consistently won. Of course, I couldn’t play presumptuously; I had to follow the rules and truly play the game. But I soon realized that the difference between my insufficient efforts and my amazing success was God. The Lord was actually on my side, working behind the scenes, helping me to emerge from the game like a champion.