The Christ Pattern

By Francis Frangipane

The seeking heart habitually looks to God. Was not this the inner working of Christ's heart? Yes, consider the perfections of Christ. Though He was the embodiment of God in Heaven, He laid aside His privileges of equality with God. Instead, He "emptied Himself" taking the appearance of a man, and as such patterned for us the way of a perfect man with God (Phil 2:6-8). What we see in Christ is, in truth, not merely the perfection of one’s talent or leadership abilities; in Christ we see the perfection of a surrendered heart. His life is the maturation of spiritual dependency. Christ’s incomparable righteousness, His stunning virtue and unparalleled strength of character all had to be appropriated from God the Father.

Within the Trinity, Christ demonstrates how God, manifest as a Son, submits to God manifest as the Father. In so doing, Jesus also reveals how man, patterned after the image of God the Son, draws spiritual strength and substance in seeking the Father as his life source.