The Lord of Armies, Part 2

By Francis Frangipane

We have been discussing the nature of Christ. From our study, we  learned that the "compound name" used most frequently in the Bible is "Lord of Hosts." This name appears nearly ten times the sum of all the other compound names in the Scriptures (see last week's message).

Hosts, by the way, are not people who invite you to a party; hosts are armies. The Lord is Lord of armies, units that come against the gates of hell, and the gates of hell cannot withstand them. Every church is an outpost on assignment in a war. Of course, there is love and grace in each church, but there should also be a war mode -- and strategies that have come from Heaven to advance against the darkness of its time and place.

The Lord of Armies, Part 1

By Francis Frangipane

Our nation has been under spiritual and physical attack. God has called His Church to step up, grow up, take up the sword of the Spirit and fight for the future. Beloved, we can see our nation turned away from sin and aggressively turned toward Heaven. Do not Doubt!

It is no secret that today America is the most influential nation in the world. Yet consider how God could use our land if Hollywood experienced a revival or if our government became a model of integrity and justice.

You might be thinking that I'm dreaming, that it will never happen. Again I say, "Do not doubt." For Jesus says, "All things are possible." You may have been a prayer warrior at one time, but you've suffered a setback. Okay, round one is over -- now it is time for round two. God is calling us back to vision and prayer. It is time to reload! It is time to pick up the sword of the Holy Spirit and join the ranks of the overcoming Church. Resist that cloud of oppression and pray.

Lord, What is "Practical"?

By Francis Frangipane

Ask Him. Go on, ask the Lord, in view of the times in which we live, what He considers practical. I venture you won't hear Him saying things like, "My son, invest in an IRA", or "Child, always get eight hours of sleep." No. As I know the Lord---and He is practical---He will say something like, "Both righteousness and wickedness are coming to full maturity upon the earth, and the world order, as you have known it, will soon be gone. Therefore, stop worrying about the things of this age. Prepare yourself to live continually in My Presence and abandon yourself to Me and My will and I will guide you through the days ahead."

You may say, well, is that practical? I mean, what if the Lord doesn't return for another fifty years? We ask this question often from a motive that is insincere. The problem with most Christians is that we don't want to do God's will; we want to do our will in Jesus' name. We don't seek God to discover what He's doing; we seek Him to bless what we're doing. If people knew that Jesus was not going to return for fifty years; if they could pin Him down to an exact date, the week before He returned, they would pray, love and make things right with those they've sinned against.

The Year of Release

By Francis Frangipane

In spite of increasing tensions around the world, the Holy Spirit says, for many, this next year will be a year of release. While we must absolutely intercede for our nations, we also must refuse to become fearful or restrained by the pressures of the world around us. The constrictions experienced by this age are not death throes, but birth pangs; they are not part of what restricts us, but releases us.

"Do not focus on the fearful things around you, the threats of terrorism or the portent of economic collapse; focus steadfastly upon your transformation!" God is doing a quick and deep work, and this world is the perfect setting in which to manifest Christlikeness. Darkness provides the perfect contrast to the rising glory of the Lord within us. "So, look for My release," says the Lord. "For this year it shall come powerfully and suddenly."